“Your True Friend for All in Agriculture”

The history of Siddiquis Seeds is the history of development of modern and scientific seed production and its marketing. In fact Siddiquis Seeds has an important link between research & farmers.

We started with only one item i.e., Hybrid Corn: Pacific-11 & 60 in the year 1981. But today as a result of efforts of our team of highly professional & experienced scientists, we offer more than 60 different items in vegetable and commercial field crop seeds. We not only took the responsibility of quality seed production and its marketing but also assure new and high quality seeds only after detailed check and multi-location trials at our own Research and development farms at faridpur and associated farmers fields under direct supervision of our technical and qualified staffs.

Right from the time of its inception, Siddiquis Group has involved itself with progressive farmers who become its contract seed growers and in the due course of time become our trusted seed growers to produce seed to our satisfaction. It was indeed a giant effort of any private seed company to prepare a hard core of efficient seed growers and at the same time motivate farmers in different parts of the country, especially in the interior areas in adoption of new and improved varieties.

We may assure you that whatever we produce and supply, there will be no compromise on price, quality & service.