“Innovation, Commitment and Quality Seeds is our Motto..”

Siddiquis Seeds is the leading Seed Company in Bangladesh and specialized in seed production, processing and marketing of commercial field crop and vegetable seeds. Kbd. B.I.Siddique, a renowned Agriculturist, founded this company in 1981. During the last decade, it has made significant growth in private seed sector. Now the company working towards further growth in the areas of introducing the new field crop and infrastructure development in the Agriculture sector.

The company is directed and managed by a group of experienced and highly skilled professionals in agriculture. It has a total of 105 employees. 25% have agricultural background and among them 10% are senior experts in seed technology. The company is a member of “The Asia and Pacific Seed Association (APSA)”, SFB, SFA, ESA Etc.

The company has been marketing a large quantity of Hybrid rice, corn, vegetable and flower & jute seeds in every year from USA, Australia, China, Thailand, Taiwan & India. We offer more than 100 different varieties in vegetable and commercial field crop seeds like: Hybrid Rice, Sweet corn, Baby corn, Popcorn, Field corn, Sweet Jumbo, Barseem, Alfalfa, lawn grass, sunflower, drumstick, and seasonal flower seed.

The brand name Siddiquis Seeds has developed a strong marketing network all over the country having 5 Seed Marketing Offices working at different areas. It has 55 distributors/dealers across the country. It has 3 regional offices in the region of Rangpur, Kushtia, & Dhaka.