About Us

  • Siddiquis Seeds leads the seed industry in brown mid rib (BMR) forage sorghums, using the new, improved 3 varieties like: super green, sweet jumbo-1 & 2 and is the only company with three different grass seed varieties are available.
  • Hybrid corn: 984 Gold & 999 Silver jointly hold the grain yield record at our domestic market
  • Sweet BMR & Jumbo grass seed is the first forage sorghum variety introduced by Siddiquis seeds for the purpose of quality food staff for cattle & cows project into Bangladeshi market.
  • Siddiquis Seeds have been marketing all types of hybrid corn & Forage sorghum seeds longer than any other seed company in Bangladesh.
  • Siddiquis Seeds has exclusive access to introduce new varieties of Popcorn which are now finding their way to the seed market of Bangladesh
  • Sweet Jumbo-1 is the only ultra late, sweet BMR forage sorghum variety available in Bangladesh, combining quality, quantity and increased palatability in one high energy yielding package
  • Siddiquis Seeds is the leading supplier of both Sweet corn and Popcorn in Bangladesh.